How to Properly Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Unfortunately, many individuals believe that they can just install kitchen cabinets and that is the end of their remodeling journey, but this is incorrect. Maintenance is necessary to keeping everything looking as new as possible. While there isn’t too much that you must do to maintain cabinets, there still is a bit of work that needs to go into it. It may be best to start out with every other week, then looking into more or less often, depending on the need of your home. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do in order to achieve that brand-new cabinet look.

Making a Cleaning Solution

There are two different routes you can go to make the perfect cleaning solution. This can be one of two things, including a water and soap concoction, as well as a water and white vinegar solution. These are both great solutions, as they will not harm your cabinets in any way. Similarly, the solution is easily controlled, and can be lower concentrated, or more highly concentrated for a deeper clean.

Clean Interior & Exterior

The interior and exterior are extremely important to clean, as this part will determine how good the cabinet will look. First, you will want to clean the interior, as to make sure that no crumbs or mess attach to the wet exterior of the cabinet. One of the first things you will want to do is completely empty out the drawers and get rid of all debris that is there. After this, wipe down with the solution and then completely dry, as any excess moisture could potentially cause issues, such as bacteria growth and mold.

Polishing the Cabinet

The last thing you will want to do is polish the exterior of the cabinet, which makes all the difference, especially for the darker wood cabinets. There are many kinds of oils, waxes, and aerosols that can be used for this step.

Contact Climate Door & Window!

At Climate Door & Window, we offer the premier kitchen cabinetry in New England. We can help you to choose, as well as install these items personally, making for an amazing experience all around. Our expertise in the area is crucial and will help you immensely in getting the kitchen of your dreams. Consider these three things when picking out new replacement windows, and contact Climate Door and Window with any questions you may have about replacement windows!

When Do I Need A New Window?

As a homeowner, your goal is to keep your home in the best shape as possible not only to make it comfortable to live in but also to improve the home’s value if you end up selling in the future. Exterior remodeling projects can be expensive, and window replacement is no exception, so it’s important to sit down and determine if you can make a repair or if you need a replacement window.

Signs you need window replacement service

Have you noticed that every spring your windows become more difficult to open? This isn’t just because they’ve been shut tight for the winter season. Your window may be difficult to open for a number of reasons, including a rotting window frame, a shift in your home’s foundation, or perhaps your windows were painted shut from a previous project.

Another issue is not being able to close the windows enough to block out drafts or even bugs. The window may close with no issues, but if the bottom of the window doesn’t line up with the bottom of the window sill, then chances are you’re letting heat escape — and that winds up increasing your energy bills. You may also find that it’s difficult to lock your windows. Traditional double-hung windows have a latch to lock the window tight during the winter. If you’re unable to more the lock into place, then the frame may be warped and you will need to replace it.

Details to consider when purchasing a new window

Have you decided to replace the problematic windows in your home? If so, there are a few things you will need to consider before purchasing and installing the new windows. First things first, we recommend energy star rated windows in order to reduce energy bills. We also recommend shopping around for a design and type of glass that fits the style of your home. There are plenty of types of windows to choose from, such as picture, double-hung and awning windows.

We recommend contacting a professional for window replacement and installation services. Our experts at Climate Door & Window can help you choose the best windows for your needs. Contact us today for a free estimate!

How To Prevent Heat Loss From Windows

Did you know that a single window in your home can lose up to 10 times more heat than a wall of the same size? This is obviously because there’s no insulation within your windows as there is in your drywall. However, this doesn’t mean measures can’t be taken to prevent as much heat loss as possible.

Our window replacement and window installation company can help you replace old windows or install storm windows on your home all year long. If you’re simply looking for a few tips and tricks, then you’ve also come to the right place.

Steps to Preventing Heat Loss

  1. Purchase New Blinds. If your blinds or curtains don’t properly cover your windows or they don’t hang closely to them, then consider purchasing new ones. We recommend hanging blinds on the top inner portion of the window frame and hanging curtains at least 6 inches above the frame and that they hang down at least 6 inches below the bottom of the frame. Don’t forget to make sure the curtains cover the sides as well.
  2. Use Window Sealants. Place plastic sheeting over your windows in order to prevent heat from escaping during the colder months. If you’re not planning on replacing your windows this year but know you have a draft, then these sealants are a great temporary solution until you can give Climate Door & Window a call for a replacement. These can be easily picked up at your local home and garden store.
  3. Add Storm Windows. Most homeowners in Massachusetts have storm windows on their homes. Storm windows serve as an added barrier between the inside of your home and the outdoors. The air space between the inner and outer windows works as a buffer to prevent excessive heat loss throughout the day. Our window replacement company recommends Harvey windows which are top-of-the-line and have a great warranty.

Heat loss is a major problem for homeowners and we want to make sure that you and your family are comfortable this season. If this is the year you plan on replacing your windows, don’t wait until the first frost! Contact us now to schedule an appointment and get a free project estimate.

Major Signs You Need to Replace Your Storm Doors

Now that it’s getting colder, its time to start thinking about how you’re going to efficiently heat your home this year. For many of us, we’ve replaced windows, installed new insulation, made roof repairs, or even replaced our entire HVAC unit in an effort to heat the home better this winter. However, did you know that one of the main causes of stubborn drafts and inefficient home heating is your own front door?

In order to prevent money from walking out the door, here are a few warning signs that are a good indication that it’s time to replace those storm doors.

Replacement Door Service Signs

  1. Locking Issues. Have you noticed that you’re having issues opening, closing, or locking your front door lately? This is due to a fluctuation in temperature that has essentially warped the material. During cold weather, your door expands; in warm weather, it contracts. These changes then make it so your door no longer fits in it’s frame.
  2. Cracks and Drafts. Even the smallest cracks can become major issues down the road — especially in cold, rainy or snowy weather. Cracks can also let in insects such as ants and bees which lead to a more expensive fix. Drafts can easily be felt when it’s cold and you stand in front of your closed door.
  3. Increased Energy Bills. We know that there are dozens of reasons why your energy bill might be higher during the Fall and Winter months, but if you’ve already made energy efficient updates to your home in the past few years – minus a door replacement — then chances are this is the root cause of a higher bill.

When to Contact Our Door Replacement Company

If you’ve noticed any of the above problems with your storm doors, then its time to contact our replacement door company. Our door installation services cover Rockland, Norwell, Quincy and the greater Boston area. After contacting our experts, we will head out to your home to take measurements and chat with you regarding your wants and needs for your next door. Contact us today!