the front view of a house blanketed in snow

Throughout the spring and summer, the last thing homeowners are thinking about is keeping the heat inside. It’s not until that cold New England winter starts rolling in that we wish we had done something about our drafty windows and doors months earlier. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer through the winter with a bad draft. It is never too late to optimize your home’s energy efficiency.

With a drafty window, you are literally throwing all your hard-earned money tight out the window. Heat prices usually surge in the winter, right when we need it the most. By not doing anything about the draft, all that expensive heat you are paying for is just escaping out of your home. You’ll start wondering why it costs so much to keep your home warm. Although new windows may cost more upfront, the savings will show in the long run when you don’t need to have the heat blasting in the winter! No matter how far into the winter season we are in, it is never too late to have your windows replaced.

Even if your door is shut, it could still be letting in the cold air. Cold air might not be getting through the door itself but rather through the frame, seals, and glass. Luckily, like windows, doors and their parts can be fixed or replaced any time of the year. Don’t hesitate to call in the professionals if you feel a draft coming in from your doors.

If you are at the mercy of a bad winter draft in the Rockland, MA or South Shore area, call the Climate Door & Window professionals at 781-681-7007 or visit our websitetoday!