Although we’re expected to have a warm fall this year, winter is supposed to be a cold one. In order to prepare for freezing temperatures and those classic Nor’Easters rolling through the area, its important to replace any old windows that you may have.

Not sure you want to make the investment in a new set of windows this year? Here are a few reasons why you might end up saving more money than you might think!

Why You Should Replace Your Windows

  1. Lower Utility Bills. No matter what type of heating system you have, its no good if your windows are causing heat to escape. Properly fitted and updated windows can help reduce heat loss by a whopping 30%.
  2. Better Comfort. Older windows will tend to become the same temperature as the outside environment, which means on a cold day the window will be freezing, and on a hot day you don’t watch to touch the window. Opting for a higher grade window will ensure a more comfortable indoor room temperature.
  3. Increased Visibility. No matter what you do to clean your old windows, they may still make you feel like you’re looking through fog. New energy efficient windows are crisp and clear, which means you get more light in your house.

Aside from these benefits, you’ll also notice that new windows will not fog up or create condensation. If you opt for storm windows, this will further reduce heat loss from your home.

Interested in window replacement services this fall? Now is the time to do it because our window installation and repair company gets booked up! Contact us today for a free project estimate.