A door is not only the entry way into your home but also gives visitors a glimpse of your personality. Whether you are down to earth or a big risk taker, the color you pick can actually tell a lot about who you are! Find your door color and see how accurate the description is!

Dark Stain
You are a generous, likable person. Many people respect your advice which is backed by years of life experience.

Medium Stain
It shows that you are a warm-hearted person that has the capability to adapt to any changes life throws at you!

Light Stain
You prefer a sophisticated style with a touch of unpredictability. You are able to understand and communicate complex ideas!

Dependable and composed, you prefer styles which have withstood the test of time, rather than what is hip right now. You are strong-willed, sophisticated, and determined.

Tells people that you strive to have peace and balance in your life. You have a good business sense which is complimented by your confidence and a level head.

You prefer living in an environment that is neat, clean, and organized even though your home may not always look this way! Happy, detail-oriented, and independent!

Tells others that you are a honest, reliable, and responsible person. Your friends and family appreciate your patience and good heart.

Shows you are a free-spirited person that dreams big and thinks “outside of the box”! Intuitive, artistic, & unique!

A friendly, good-natured person that is well liked, you like to be noticed and tend to like styles that are striking and exciting!

A green door shows that you are a social butterfly who is trustworthy and fair. Your friends value you for your reliability and problem solving skills.

You share many of the same traits as green although you tend to be a little less conventional. Your abilities shine as the leader of a group.

Outspoken & confident, you are not afraid to say what’s on your mind or to stand out! You are bold and make lasting impressions!

Cool, calm, and collected. You are easy going and comfortable in most situations! You are considered lovable by your close ones.