As a homeowner, your goal is to keep your home in the best shape as possible not only to make it comfortable to live in but also to improve the home’s value if you end up selling in the future. Exterior remodeling projects can be expensive, and window replacement is no exception, so it’s important to sit down and determine if you can make a repair or if you need a replacement window.

Signs you need window replacement service

Have you noticed that every spring your windows become more difficult to open? This isn’t just because they’ve been shut tight for the winter season. Your window may be difficult to open for a number of reasons, including a rotting window frame, a shift in your home’s foundation, or perhaps your windows were painted shut from a previous project.

Another issue is not being able to close the windows enough to block out drafts or even bugs. The window may close with no issues, but if the bottom of the window doesn’t line up with the bottom of the window sill, then chances are you’re letting heat escape — and that winds up increasing your energy bills. You may also find that it’s difficult to lock your windows. Traditional double-hung windows have a latch to lock the window tight during the winter. If you’re unable to more the lock into place, then the frame may be warped and you will need to replace it.

Details to consider when purchasing a new window

Have you decided to replace the problematic windows in your home? If so, there are a few things you will need to consider before purchasing and installing the new windows. First things first, we recommend energy star rated windows in order to reduce energy bills. We also recommend shopping around for a design and type of glass that fits the style of your home. There are plenty of types of windows to choose from, such as picture, double-hung and awning windows.

We recommend contacting a professional for window replacement and installation services. Our experts at Climate Door & Window can help you choose the best windows for your needs. Contact us today for a free estimate!