Residential windows don’t last forever, but it is hard to tell exactly when your windows are due for a replacement.

How long do they last

Although residential windows may be of high-quality brands and have been installed professionally, they are still not designed to last forever. Windows receive constant pounding and punishment from the elements, especially the harsh New England winters we fall victim to. Windows simply start to wear down and weaken. The average lifespan of residential windows is about 15-20 years. It all depends on the window as well as upkeep, but for the most part, once a window hits 20 years old, it has typically run its course.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Window

Age is a great indicator of the need for new windows, but there are other telltale signs that your windows are wearing down.

Unusual Drafts

If you notice drafts coming from a window that you had not noticed before, this can be an indicator of worn down frames or broken seals. Also, pay attention to energy bills, if you see a spike in your energy bill, check your windows. Small drafts can go easily unnoticed but can have a large effect on your wallet.

Rotted Frames

If your residential windows have wooden frames, they can be susceptible to rotting and warping, mostly due to moisture. Once a frame begins to rot or warp it is important to address it immediately because this can lead to air leaks and other major window problems.

Trouble Opening Windows

Older windows can become very difficult to open, and this is also a sign of age and wearing. Difficulty opening windows can come from a number of things, warping can also cause this. Windows may become unbalanced over time which can throw off alignment and make it tough to open or close the window.


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