Resealing windows has been a hot topic as of late. So, can you reseal your own windows, or not? Let’s dive a little bit deeper into this topic and figure out the best way to find a resolution in this situation.

What is Resealing?

Resealing is the process in which you or a professional would use a sealant to seal off your windows. One of the reasons why many people try to do this is to avoid drafts in their homes. It is known to just be a quick fix and can cause even more damage to your windows that was there before.

What are Some Benefits of Resealing your Windows?

Windows that are resealed have a better chance of not letting in as much air into the home. This means that the air is being blocked from entering the house and that it can not affect the internal temperature of your home. This can have some money benefits and carbon footprint benefits as well. Carbon-footprint wise, you will see that you must use less energy than before, which brings us to the money benefits because the less you use energy, the less money you will have to pay month to month.

What are Some Disadvantages?

There are a few different things that can go wrong when you are resealing your windows, especially if you are doing it yourself. One of the things that you can do is accidentally break off a piece of the glass. This would be very scary, as you could get very hurt in this way. Similarly, on the other side of things, we can see that many people end up smudging the inside of the window pane, which can not be cleaned off once resealed.

With all these things being said, we can see that while, yes, you can reseal these windows, it may not be the best route to go. Getting a new set of windows may be the better option for you. New windows will allow you to reap the same benefits, except multiplied for huge savings in cost and energy.

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