Your front door can complete the outdoor aesthetic of your home.  A beautifully constructed door can become the centerpiece of your exterior and yard.  If your front door is looking weathered and worn, check out our guide to see what adding a new front door to your home could do for its value.

Curb Appeal

When taking on a home improvement project, especially one that isn’t done out of necessity (think leaking roofs, broken windows, etc), most homeowners want to know that they are making a worthwhile investment.  Replacing your front door can add value to your home in a couple of different ways.  The first is resale value.  Simply replacing your door adds value to your home by virtue of adding a new piece of hardware, just like replacing your engine before selling your car.

The second way it can add value is by adding curbside appeal.  While this isn’t as easy to quantify, adding a new front door makes your home more attractive to buyers.  In a competitive market, where buyers are willing to pay more, or potentially outbid each other for a home they like, having a beautiful home adds obvious value.

A Modern Door

While the monetary benefits are obvious, it’s also important to note that a modern door can add property value to your home by virtue of being more secure.  Think about it like this. You are going to purchase a home, and you look at two homes that are exactly the same besides their front doors.  One front door is a plain wooden door, with a deadbolt lock, no windows or peephole, and a small gap between the threshold and door.

The other door is a sleek, gray metal door, with small windows to the left and right for aesthetics, as well as a keypad lock that can only be opened by entering the correct code.  Most homeowners would be willing to pay a little extra for the second house, not only for the aesthetic value of a modern looking door but also for the extra security that comes with it.  The curbside appeal of a door can apply to both its aesthetic appeal, as well as the extra security it provides!

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