Other than doors, windows are the gateways from your house to the outside world, and although waking up with the sun shining through the windows is a beautiful thing, there can sometimes be burglars and thieves looming outside your windows looking for a weak spot. Windows can be easily accessible areas for unwanted guests to easily get into your home, but there are steps you can take to properly secure your windows and impede an intruders entrance.

Lock windows

When you’re leaving the house or getting ready for bed, you should always lock your first-floor windows. Unlocked windows can easily be opened from the outside by simply sliding them up. Locking windows is the first step to ensure optimal window security.

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras in or outside of any part of your home is an extremely effective security measure. Not only will they scare potential intruders away if they see the cameras, but even if they don’t and continue into your home, if the security cameras are set up at correct angles on our windows then hopefully you will catch the perpetrator on camera.

Quality Windows

No matter what, when you purchase new windows or replace your old ones, you should aim to get high-quality windows. As mentioned before, windows are gateways to home. They keep your home insulated and protect it from the elements. Strongly reinforced windows can also prevent easy break-ins and deter potential thieves from getting in your home.

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