There are countless things to consider before purchasing a new home. One of the most important considerations to take into account is the condition of the home’s windows. While there are a variety of other aspects that are equally as important to consider, the quality of a home’s windows can greatly impact it’ value and therefore should be inspected carefully before purchase.

There are numerous problems that can arise when conducting a home inspection for a house you’re hoping to purchase. Many of these problems can relate to the windows as new windows provide many benefits to a home the same way outdated windows can be a cause for concern during these inspections.


The putty material that is used to seal the edges the edges of old glass windows and keep them stable is referred to as glazing. Unfortunately, this material can chip and crack which will leave spaces around the window for leaks of air to move through. Often homeowners will substitute the traditional glazing with caulk or silicone for a fast fix but these materials are not properly designed for the job. To address these issues successfully, glazing putty and a putty knife are widely available to purchase cheaply. Although you can fix this problem easily, the most common solution is replacing the window entirely as this is a common sign that the window has become outdated.


As opposed to glazing, flashing is another material that is used to cover joints in the window where water could come in. This material not only keeps it out but also successfully directs the liquid somewhere else. Flashing that is installed improperly can lead to water actually being allowed inside which can lead to a variety of issues such as rot at the window’s frame as well as structural damage.


One of the most common issues that is brought up during a home inspection is that condensation or fog that is sometimes found in windows. Homeowners cannot clean this due to the multi-pane design of these windows. This chronic fogginess causes windows to be inefficient and not much more than just two pieces of glass.

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