Natural light offers many benefits beyond simply lowering your energy bill. It is important to spend time in bright, natural-lit areas to improve your health and productivity. In fact, from installing larger windows to orienting your light sources for maximum sun exposure, there are many small steps you can take today to improve your health, the environment, and lower your energy usage.

The size, type, and location of your windows all contribute to the quality of natural light in your home or office. For example, south-facing windows allow most winter sunlight in and little direct sunlight during the summer, whereas north-facing windows will admit relatively even light without any glare or summer heat. Although east- and west-facing windows do provide good sources of natural light, they can cause glare and unwanted summer heat making them the least effective position. It is important to pay attention to the cardinal direction a window is facing instead of its relation to the street when building or remodeling a home.

In addition to window placement, you can also build sunrooms or patio enclosures to offer additional areas of natural light in your home.

Benefits of Natural Light

Improve vitamin D levels: Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that your body makes by itself after exposure to sunlight. The risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency is greater for people who spend most of their day indoors. Areas with natural lighting can offset time spent indoors to help your body produce the vitamin D it needs to absorb calcium and promote bone growth.

Lower energy usage: Artificial lighting makes up 19% of electrical consumption worldwide. Advances in lighting design and modern, energy-efficient windows can improve natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. This can lead to significant energy savings without causing any heating or cooling problems.

Improve vision: There is a scientific link between spending time exposed to natural light and eye development in children. A study by the American Academy of Ophthalmology found that spending three hours a day exposed to sunlight can stimulate dopamine and regulate healthy eye growth. Meanwhile, spending time in buildings with fluorescent lighting can cause headaches and eye strain.

Lower risk of depression: Spending just 30 minutes a day in sunlight can help improve your overall mood. Your body’s serotonin production increases when exposed to more sunlight, which can help reduce depression and regulate anxiety.

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