Thirty years ago, door hardware was dominated by the highly popular brass and golden look. Many doors that have not been updated for decades still sport this outdated image. Removing this shiny hardware from your house will have a largely positive impact on the home’s overall appearance. This is because modern door hardware comes in numerous shapes and styles which almost guarantees that there is a much better match for the doors on your property than the long-outdated hardware currently at use.

Cost of Hardware

There are several things to consider when looking to buy new door hardware. The first thing to consider is the cost as the wide variety of door hardware available nowadays means that there are both low- and high-end options available and their prices can vary dramatically. IN addition to this you need to decide whether the door is going to be a passage door or one that will need to be able to lock for privacy. If the door is going to require a lock than it is crucial that you order hardware that is made to be installed on whichever side the door in question calls for. Ignoring this can lead to accidental purchases of hardware intended for the other side of the door and as a result can only be installed upside down.

Type of Hardware

Once you have decided whether or not the hardware will be used for a passage or locked door as well as the side it must be installed in if it is locking hardware, it is time to decide on which type of handle you will choose. There are a variety of locking and non-locking handles available for individuals to choose from in today’s day and age. As mentioned, passage handles are the most standard option available as it features no lock and is used on many homes around that house that do not require any privacy such as closets, hallways, etc.

If you do choose to go with door hardware that locks there are several options to choose from such as the privacy handle, keyed knobs, and deadbolts. Privacy handles are commonly found on bedrooms and bathrooms and feature a button used to lock the door which can be “popped” open using an item such as a pin. Keyed knobs are exactly what they sound like, door hardware in which the knob features a key slot used to lock and unlock the door from the outside. Deadbolts are often considered the most secure option of the bunch due to the large metal locking mechanism that they contain.

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