Replacing kitchen cabinets is an exciting task and one that takes a lot of careful planning and consideration. One thing to carefully consider when planning your new cabinets is what type of wood works best for your home. The answer varies from household to household because each type of wood provides a variety of different traits and no two houses are exactly the same.

Kitchen Cabinet Wood Types

Here at Climate Door & Window, we are happy to offer a wide selection of cabinet door styles as well as finishes to best match any home’s design when planning your kitchen cabinet installation. Our high-quality wood options include:

  • Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets
  • Maple Wood Kitchen Cabinets
  • Oak Wood Kitchen Cabinets
  • Alder Wood Kitchen Cabinets
  • Hickory Wood Kitchen Cabinets
  • Birch Wood Kitchen Cabinets
  • Walnut Wood Kitchen Cabinets
  • Pecan Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Traits

Each type of wood is accompanied by numerous traits that make it unique when compared to the other options. Choosing a wood type with traits that best accompany the style of your home augments the living space dramatically by taking advantage of characteristics such as appearance and texture.


One of the most important traits to consider when selecting the type of wood for your kitchen cabinets is appearance. Each wood boasts its own unique appearance that varies dramatically from type to type. Some woods, such as cherry and walnut, often appear warm while others like Hickory sport a much more dramatic style. Whether you’re looking for kitchen cabinets that appear warm, dramatic, or somewhere in between, Climate Door & Window has the right type of wood for you!


Another important trait to pay careful attention to when selecting a type of wood is texture. What makes wood so great is the authentic looks it provides through its various natural textures. These natural textures can include things such as pin knots, wormholes, bird pecks, mineral streaks, and much more. All of which enhance the overall style of the kitchen cabinets while at the same time having no negative impact on their structural integrity.

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