When it comes to replacing your home’s doors, there are many options. You could choose to opt for a more traditional wooden exterior, fiberglass, or even laminate. However, one lesser used option that deserves consideration is steel.  Steel makes for a wonderful entry door that offers a number of benefits for those who choose to have them installed on their homes. If you’ve been wondering whether a steel entry door is the right choice for your home, take a look at our blog to learn about some of the benefits that a steel entry door offers!


One of the biggest advantages of a steel entry door is the aesthetic benefits that it provides.  First of all, steel entry doors are durable, meaning you won’t need to worry about rot, mold, or mildew decaying your entry door which often happens to wooden entry doors.  Furthermore, steel doors are highly customizable, available in a variety of finishes, meaning no matter what you have in mind for your color scheme, or other aesthetic goals, you will be able to find a steel entry door that fits your design goals.  Additionally, if you prefer the look of a wooden entry door but you don’t want to deal with all of the durability issues that come with wood, steel doors can be customized to have a wood grain appearance that offers the curb appeal of a wooden entry door without the hassle.

Durability and Security

The major advantage that comes to many homeowners minds when they consider the benefits of a steel entry door is the durability it offers.  While with a material like wood, you need to be concerned about potential rot or other moisture-related damage, a steel entry door will help you avoid the hassle of replacing a rotten entry door. A quality steel entry door will never warp or crack, and you will be able to rely on its durability to protect your home from both the elements and potential intruders.  If you’re looking for a door that will keep your home protected for years to come, a steel entry door is a great style to consider.

Energy Efficiency

Steel entry doors are also designed to maximize energy efficiency. While wood can rot and warp, exposing your home to the elements, steel will hold its shape and avoid moisture damage, even during the most severe rain and snowstorms, helping to keep your home protected and efficient. Steel doors are also filled with foam and other thermal insulators, meaning it will help keep the hot air out in the summer, and heat inside during the winter! If energy efficiency is a big concern for you on your entry door, steel is a great option to consider.

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