Your windows are an important piece of your home’s exterior.  From providing your home with light and ventilation, to increasing your home’s curb appeal, you have plenty to gain from having high-quality, properly installed windows on your home.  Therefore, it is important to keep your home’s windows in good repair to ensure your home is protected and reaching its full potential.  If you’re interested in replacing your home’s windows, take a look at our blog to learn which season is the best for window replacements!

Installing Your Windows In Fall & Winter

Cold weather installations can often present challenges when trying to install windows. There is usually significantly more moisture than the warmer months, whether its rain, snow, sleet, hail, or ice, which can make it difficult to install the windows properly.  Furthermore, colder temperatures can make it difficult for the caulking or other sealants to set correctly.

Another issue that commonly arises during a fall or winter window replacement project is significant energy loss through the openings left in your windows. A quality contractor will do everything they can to mitigate that heat loss, but it’s going to happen, which can be an annoyance for homeowners. However, having old, drafty windows also contributes to significant energy loss, so opting to replace your windows during the fall or winter could easily offset the energy loss that occurs on the day you replace the windows by providing your home with a better seal during the colder months.

Finally, if you need your windows replaced as soon as possible, having it done during the winter or fall will ensure that you won’t need to wait nearly as long to have them replaced.  If you’re looking for a speedy window replacement, fall or winter presents the best option.

Spring or Summer Window Replacements

Obviously, if you’re looking to have your windows replaced, the ideal day for both contractors and homeowners is a warm, sunny spring or summer day.  However, every homeowner feels the same way, which is why it can be difficult to find a contractor to replace your windows quickly in the warmer months.  Once the weather breaks, many contractors have a number of jobs that they are juggling, which makes it difficult to have your windows replaced in a timely fashion.

If you’re looking to have your windows replaced this spring or summer, the best time to do it is early or late in the season when contractors aren’t backed up with other jobs. If time isn’t a concern for your window replacement project, then the middle of spring and summer won’t be an issue, but if you’re interested in replacing your windows in a relatively fast manner, try to set up an appointment at the beginning or end of the warm season.

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