When it comes time to replace your home’s windows, the style options can be overwhelming. Should you use the classics, like double-hung or casements, or would you rather choose a less conventional window option? Take a look at our guide discussing a few of the most common window styles and their uses:


Perhaps the most well-known window style, double-hung windows have two independently moving panes that slide up and down in their tracks.  They offer ease of use, which makes them a wonderful option in any room where you will need frequent ventilation, like a living room.  However, their design can be a safety hazard for children, so if you know there are going to be children using the room where you are considering installing them, there are safer options.


Speaking of safer options, casement windows offer much of the ease of use that double-hung windows provide, but without the danger of closing the window on yourself.  Casement windows have a crank that opens and closes the windows outward, which makes them a great option if you know kids will be using the room frequently.


Picture windows are an interesting option. Best suited for rooms that don’t need extra ventilation, or already have a couple of other windows, picture windows are large pane windows that cannot open.  They will flood the room they are installed in with light, but the lack of ventilation can make them a poor choice if you have no other way to ventilate the room.


Arguably the easiest window to operate, slider windows operate by moving horizontally on a track. They are incredibly easy to use, which can make them similar to double-hung windows because they are a wonderful option for any room, as long as you don’t have children frequenting the room who could potentially lean too far out the window.

Bay/Bow Windows

Finally, we arrive at what are arguably the two most beautiful window styles you can install; bays and bows. Both windows are similar, extending outwards from the home with multiple openings filled with various windows, generally double-hung on the left and right sides with a stationary window in the middle for a bow, or four or more stationary or venting windows conjoined for a bow. Bay and Bow windows are centerpieces of a room. They add tons of curb appeal and aesthetic charm, and they can be a beautiful finishing touch for a living room or master bedroom. Whether you want to install them for their aesthetic appeal, or to build a sitting space with lots of natural light for you and your family, bay windows are a wonderful way to tie any room together.

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