There are few things worse than a drafty window, especially if you live in a region where the weather is chilly for much of the year. If you’re currently dealing with at least one drafty window in your home, you’ve probably noticed that it’s causing all sorts of inconveniences, including an unpleasant cold area near the window and higher utility bills due to the outside air entering your house. Fortunately, there are several things that can be done to fix window drafts. You’ll learn more about the options you have as you read on.

Seal the window with V-channel 

Vinyl V-channel, rather than inexpensive foam weatherstripping, is the best option for sealing all four sides of a drafty window. This type of V-channel is sold in a self-sticking variety, which is the most effective choice for this task. Open the problematic window slightly to place a strip along the lower jamb, leaving about an inch that you can push underneath the sash. Repeat this on the top of the window and the other side of the sash.

Caulk the gaps 

If gaps are visible around your window, caulking them is a great option. For the most attractive look after the project is done, make sure you choose a caulk that matches your window frames. Furthermore, make sure you caulk each gap as neatly as possible to avoid an unappealing aesthetic when you’re done.

Apply nail polish

This tactic should be used if your window has a draft because the glass, rather than the frame, is cracked. Clear nail polish will seal small cracks in glass, stopping the draft you’re experiencing until you have a chance to hire professionals to work on the window in question.

Invest in a draft snake

Perhaps the most cost-effective option to fix a drafty window is to purchase a draft snake. These long fabric bolsters are designed to rest along the bottoms of windows and doors to prevent cold air from entering an interior area. If you know your draft is coming from the bottom portion of your window, a draft snake might be the way to go, at least temporarily.

Have your windows replaced

If the windows in your home are quite old, there’s a good chance that none of the prior suggestions are going to fix the draft in the long run. Rather, you’d be better off hiring a professional contractor to install a replacement. New windows can be costly, but they are an excellent investment. Today’s manufacturers produce long-lasting, energy-efficient options that will lower your utility bills and keep your family comfortable for decades.

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