If you have an old entry door, you may be wondering whether you should have the door replaced. If the door itself is in good condition, there’s no reason to replace it. As long as the wood, or composite material, is in good condition, you don’t need to worry about replacing the entire door.

However, even if your door itself is in good condition, there is another factor to consider; your door’s hardware. This is arguably just as important as making sure the door itself is in good condition. If you haven’t replaced your door’s hardware in years, take a look below to learn about a few of reasons homeowners may want to consider replacing their doors hardware!


One of the first reasons that homeowners consider replacing their door’s hardware is for aesthetics. If you have a beautiful, well-maintained wooden or composite entry door, but it’s being operated and secured with an old lock & handle that’s losing its finish, replacing your hardware can help boost your home’s curb appeal. Installing a beautiful new gold or silver-finished hardware can help give your home’s door a bright pop of color that will stand out, even from the street.


The most important reason to consider replacing your home’s hardware is for security purposes. If you’ve had your entry door for years, it’s quite possible that the hardware is beginning to fail in some capacity, or at the very least the technology is outdated.

You could elect to replace your home’s padlock with a newer, more secure model. Or, you could explore some of the newer hardware options that have become more commonplace in the last few years. One such option is keypad operated padlocks. You can buy padlocks that are only operable if you punch in a keycode which allows you to open the lock. It is more secure than a standard padlock, and also saves you the hassle of needing to carry around keys in order to operate your door! It’s truly a win-win installation, and they look fantastic as well! If you’re trying to improve the security of your home, look into keycode, and other electronic, padlocks for an extra layer of functionality & security

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