There are few things worse than a drafty window, especially if you live in a region where the weather is chilly for much of the year. If you’re currently dealing with at least one drafty window in your home, you’ve probably noticed that it’s causing all sorts of inconveniences, including an unpleasant cold area near […]

Anyone who’s ever washed a window has probably had one goal in mind: finishing the job with a streak-free shine. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Too many times, we finish cleaning a mirror or window only to find it riddled with streaks. The good news is that with the proper products and techniques, […]

Natural light offers many benefits beyond simply lowering your energy bill. It is important to spend time in bright, natural-lit areas to improve your health and productivity. In fact, from installing larger windows to orienting your light sources for maximum sun exposure, there are many small steps you can take today to improve your health, […]

Thirty years ago, door hardware was dominated by the highly popular brass and golden look. Many doors that have not been updated for decades still sport this outdated image. Removing this shiny hardware from your house will have a largely positive impact on the home’s overall appearance. This is because modern door hardware comes in […]

Your front door can complete the outdoor aesthetic of your home.  A beautifully constructed door can become the centerpiece of your exterior and yard.  If your front door is looking weathered and worn, check out our guide to see what adding a new front door to your home could do for its value. Curb Appeal […]

As any homeowner knows, the decision to replace your home’s windows is not one that is made overnight. A lot of careful planning and consideration goes into choosing whether or not it is time to replace the windows throughout your house. Many homeowners often delay the process, afraid they will commit some of the common […]

If you live in a historic home, you are certainly aware of all the things there are to love about it. The saying “they don’t make things like they used to” absolutely holds true in regard to houses; original woodwork, stained glass accents, and beautiful floors are just a few of the features you simply […]

There are countless things to consider before purchasing a new home. One of the most important considerations to take into account is the condition of the home’s windows. While there are a variety of other aspects that are equally as important to consider, the quality of a home’s windows can greatly impact it’ value and […]


Replacing kitchen cabinets is an exciting task and one that takes a lot of careful planning and consideration. One thing to carefully consider when planning your new cabinets is what type of wood works best for your home. The answer varies from household to household because each type of wood provides a variety of different […]


In the summer, there are quite a few things that could potentially go wrong with your windows. Due to the heat, a few different things can happen, including the expansion of materials and rain can even have an effect on this as well. Unfortunately, rain has a stronger impact than you may think. Let’s take […]