Improve Your Windows Energy Efficiency

With winter just around the corner in New England, it is important to ensure that your home is properly protected and ready to handle the winter weather. If you need to make sure your home is energy efficient this winter, take a look at our blog to learn how you can improve your windows energy efficiency!

Caulk Around The Windows

One of the first things you should do to improve your home’s energy efficiency is caulk around your home’s windows. Your windows are one of the major contributors to air leakage in your home. Heat or cold can leak around the frames of your windows, through the glass itself, or in between sashes. With so many different areas that can potentially leak, it is important to ensure that your windows are well-maintained. If you find that your windows are drafty, caulk around them to ensure your home is energy efficient & well-protected.

Curtains & Awnings

Another way to improve your window’s energy efficiency is to install curtains or awnings on your windows. If the sun is providing your home with unwanted solar heat gain, installing curtains, or awnings over the exterior of your windows, can significantly reduce the amount of solar heat gain your home experiences. If you find that your home is too hot during the summer months, reduce your air conditioning needs by adding drapes or awnings to your home’s exterior.

Install Insulating Panels

Another option if caulking and weatherstripping doesn’t cut it is to install insulating window panels that fit into the frame of your windows. Typically encased in a wooden, plastic, or metal frame, these panels contain a clear plastic panel that fits snuggly into your window frame and provides additional insulation for particularly leaky windows. If you find that you have a significant draft problem but you aren’t ready to replace all of your windows, insulating panels is one of the easiest solutions!

Window Films

Another option that insulates quite well is adding window film to your home’s interior. Window film resembles heavy-duty plastic wrap, and after you fit it to your window, all you need is a bit of heating from a blow dryer and the film will shrink and seal to your window. While this option will seal your window quite well, the major disadvantage it presents is that you won’t be able to operate your windows with the film attached. With that being said, this option is best suited to the winter months.

Contact Us Today

Finally, if none of the options above insulate your home the way you envisioned, the best option is to simply replace your windows. If you’re in need of a window replacement this fall, our team at Climate Door & Window is ready to assist! Reach out to our team today to learn more about our window replacement services by calling us at (781) 681-7007 .¬†We look forward to hearing from you and assisting with your window replacement needs!